Tété Azankpo: LA MASCARADE

AP 08-2009
Tété Azankpo
23 x 21 cm, softcover,
24 pages, 22 images,
Dr. Dorothea Eimert,
Sigrun Reckhaus,
Joachim Melchers
ARTCO publishing, 2009
language: English / German
ISBN 978-3-87448-315-5
price: 12,00 € + dispatch

Tété Azankpo had a scholarship from the
Heinrich Böll Fondation for the winter
2008/2009, living and working in the atelier house in Langenbroich.
During his stay he created a series of
very impressive material collages he entiled "La Mascarade". In this series
of work Azankpo reflects on disguise and masquerade, delusion in the behavior of humans.