Petra Deta Weidemann: PRIVATVERGNÜGEN (private pleasure)

AP 11-2008
Petra Deat Weidemann
PRIVATVERGNÜGEN (private pleasure)
27 x 22 cm, softcover,
72 pages, 67 images,
Helga Scholl,
Joachim Melchers
ARTCO publishing, 2009
language: German / English
ISBN 978-3-87448-304-09
price: 19,00 € + dispatch

Petra Deta Weidemann gets obvious pleasure in bewildering the viewers of her work and breaking old habits as to what they expect to see. The unrealistic perspectives in her pictures objects both
irritate and fascinate at the same time.
Weidemann's pictures turn every type of
geometric principles upside down. Nothing is as it appears.